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CCTV is the ideal system to protect your property. As well as a visual deterrent, video or digital recording acts as a useful reference in the event of a crime taking place.

There are a multitude of CCTV devices available and a wide range of features. Integrating CCTV into our other security systems such as access control and intruder verification is another option for the ultimate security system.

We have pleasure in introducing the next generation of CCTV to combat the ever-increasing threat of crime, violence and anti-social behaviour.

These systems range from a simple analogue or digital package for the smaller premise to highly advanced digital systems which can be interfaced with Intruder, Access control and Fire systems.

CCTV systems offer such a wide range of applications and benefits 24 hours a day. Systems can aid the monitoring of stock, machinery, personnel, visitors, access control and health & safety requirements.

Installing the right equipment for particular situations and circumstances is imperative for getting the most out of the system. That's where the expertise of our surveyors and engineers make sure the technology works for you. Whether monitoring company premises or city centres, clear pictures are reproduced with first-rate clarity of untoward activity for evidential purposes.

To discover more about the implications of the Data Protection Act and your CCTV installation contact us.

Basic CCTV Systems

With quality equipment and performance, we can take CCTV beyond observation. Our wide range of products and facilities cater for unique requirements from:

Single to multiple camera systems
Covert cameras
Monochrome and colour systems
Motion activated systems
ADPRO remote camera monitoring systems installed to BS 8418

Our highly sophisticated integrated systems incorporate CCTV with access control and intruder systems.
Monitored CCTV

CCTV Online

We can help you by monitoring your business remotely, such as retail shops, factories etc. No matter whether you are in the head office, home or even travelling abroad, cameras can be directly plugged into a digital video transmission unit installed in a remote site.

The transmission unit compresses and transmits video signals through regular phone lines, ISDN, ADSL or the Internet. Alarm sensors can be optionally installed and connected to the video transmission unit to further enhance the premises security.

When the transmission unit detects an intruder event, it will immediately make connection and transmit videos to the monitoring station. Viewing software installed on a PC provides system control and allows the user to monitor incoming videos from the remote site.

Remote Site Monitoring

Working closely with UK monitoring, manned guarding is now a thing of the past with the use of a remote monitored CCTV system. Whether CCTV is installed covertly or openly, modern digital communication technology enables SMS to monitor the situation anywhere in the world.

Using telemetry, control can be maintained over cameras, lights, gates indeed any management function.

CCTV monitoring falls into two categories, reactive and proactive and both require a different level of service.

Reactive CCTV monitoring involves alarm detection on site which initiates a picture transmission to the monitoring centre. Depending on the requirements and the situation the alarm is dispatched to a response agency.

Proactive monitoring (e.g. monitoring city centres or high street locations) is real time. In this instance the operator is constantly reviewing the location and informing security or the emergency services of dangerous situations.

In both types of monitoring there is recorded evidence of what was seen and often this is used to assist the police in their inquiries. Historical evidence is used to supplement non-related incidents, enabling police to build a case. CCTV in the public sector is governed.

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